History of Fox Brothers

Noels younger Sean came here in 1990, a skilled carpenter in finishing wood, cabinet making, its like a religion to Sean. Noel came two years later, worked as a carpenter in England prior. Worked with various contractor and set up his business as AMERICAN CLOVER CONSTRUCTION in 1996 and specialized in mostly seismic work, by 1998 had 24 employees and 10 projects ongoing at any given time, built and sold homes.

Sean got his license as well and was, if not the most, noted carpenter with most Irish contractors, one of the best in the city for layouts in framing and speed at getting the project finished on time.

Sean and Noel started working together in 2004 building their own projects, remodeling for long term clients, keeping together a tight net crew and having a good sub-contractor base that is so connected like family. We have an understanding that “honestly” is the essence of good contracting and therefore our loyalty to our clients and them to us.

Owner Noel Fox says Fox Brothers Construction LLC honest approach to interacting with clients has been an important part of its success. “We’re very precise with our communication—we clearly explain our process to each client and always try to limit their project costs without sacrificing quality. Our clients keep coming back because they know they’re going to receive good, honest work and we see that no project is impossible.”

In 2018 we changed the company’s name to “FOX BROTHER CONSTRUCTION INC” and as brothers, we continually strive to provide the best construction services in the Bay Area.

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